Start from Here.

Start From My Room

This is it! , sounded like Chef Farah. Yeah I do promise to myself, to my mother, to my future to get higher school than now. One poster enough good to make me spirit me up, to run faster than before and to get adventure, traveling around the world.

If you ever, see a movie with a same story with me that should be Sang Pemimpi by Andrea Hirata. Those movie inspired me, if some kids from Bangka Belitung can reach those dreams, that why I cannot? Yes and I believe everyone have a dream by own-self and for me, this is my biggest dream. Mastered my graduated university. And of course, I point my finger to Germany and that’s because great Engineer come from there.

Somehow, I did a promise with my friend, Retty to meet up under the Eiffel Tower in 2015. She will take a master degree in England while me Germany and I think that should not be a problem.Hmm, I cannot wait, step down my feet into Europe. I Smell you EUROPE !



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