[Story] Happy Ending Little Adventure

Yesterday, It was my lovely day. As usual, weekend is the most happiest thing that every employee in the world wait it. For me, weekend is another way to fulfill my sleepless in work-busy-day. I can sleep in any time I want, even though I sleep at 1 AM, there is nothing to be worried at all. So that’s why, weekend is a revenge to back my sleep hour.

I got my wake up at 8 AM yesterday and really opened my eyes at 10 AM. In Indonesia, if you oversleep like that, people said ‘KEBO’ or Buffalo in English simply, I dont care anymore whatever they call me like that. The time when I was full wake up, my boarding house was really-really empty and me ALONE !. Nisa went to Pekalongan at early morning and also Riski to Jogja at 8 AM. Agus Widodo, Yusuf Prasetyo, Deni Anggriawan, and Zulfrima went to the Sayung Substation because there were substation feeders maintenance  and breakfast filled by noodle.

Things had changed so fast, when suddenly I just wanna go to the Cangkiran-Mijen, yep that is my Village. Somehow, before my grandmother and my grandfather died in 2001 – 2003, I often came to my Village especially in Lebaran. That’s why Semarang sounds familiar to me, so many sisterhood and brotherhood here. Cangkiran and Krapyak is not so-so far away, just take 45 minutes in slow or 30 minutes while you go fast and you just go straight if you start from Ngaliyan. Overall, you can see a modern village mixed by tropical rain forest. Just dont imagine, what weather will be and always cool and cold.

Bunch of Teak Tree

My old grandmother house is changed, there is no altar in the front house and changed by small-bank, (koperasi) providing small loan amount to nearby people. Sounds good I think than no one take care that house and the small store on the side house is changed to be motor-cycle workshop. A small bus station in the front of that house is so crowded, so many buses waiting for passenger to go down to the Semarang. Six years ago, me and my family did a same thing waiting a bus to pick us up to the central terminal. Terboyo Bus Station.

Cangkiran Mini Bus Station

My grandparent house, Now it's changed

On my way to the Boja market, I still saw rice field back-grounded with Ungaran mountain. Sure I dont wanna that thing disappear in my future, I want my child see this thing in the future, simply respect to the mother nature because  I believe a good leader born by respecting mother nature.

Ungaran Mt. on far seen

Can i have that one?

As I landed on Boja market, this building is going to be modern at all. Well, six years ago really this market was so traditional market, built with no wall and just bamboo as pillar of each store. The sad thing was, I saw a small pedati group which six years ago pedati was the my fav transport from gate of Boja until the market. Six years ago people, uses pedati to buy daily needs and so I was. We walked slowly and saw another people walked on the trotoar, bought something on the store.

Boja Market

Pedati, can you see it? hehe

A great different is really happened, motor-cycle is dominating the street while six years ago people used bus as their transport to the Semarang. There was a pool on the side of market, mini-market dominating the street and trying to get market-share from traditional market, so many restaurants and factory in the side of street and I believe in 10 years later, land price in here will be so expensive, you can feel it by seeing housing is raising up along the street.

will be the next satellite city?

It was 3 PM, when i had to end my adventure, a bad weather did not support me and I did not bring anti-water jacket. Because I was thirsty, so i went to the mini-market and as usual, if I come the mini-market the first thing to be seen is a-red-white-ice-box labeled by giant company in the world, Walls. And you know, after i’ve been searching in two cities finally i found those rare-ice-cream : MAGNUM. hahaha there were two variations : Chocolate Truffle and Almond. After 1 month I did search, I found in my grandmother village. How nice adventure. Hihihihi, Im so happy found that like i defeat top of Everest Mountain hahaha *dramatically a.k.a lebay*

Finally, I found you darling

Next week, will be Solo as my adventure. Hope the situation support me at all including money T.T


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