[Story] Landed Here

Here I am, at Semarang, exactly I am in Udiklat PLN Semarang. I’ve been here for 1 week and will set my leave 1 week later. This place is really quite and behind this place, there is a conservation forest which have a lot of deers. It seems this place already looks like ‘Taman Safari’ which Indonesian language put on that. Either you walk in afternoon or night *if you lucky , you will see deers walking along this Udiklat. Hahaha. If lucky comes to me, I’ll take a picture that deers. I promise.

Want to know my room? This is bloodyhell place ever met. My room, exactly it’s not room, it’s house which contains many rooms inside. My house is in the highest place at Udiklat. If you rendezvous at volley yard Udiklat then you should look up at top where there are a lot of houses. My house is in the end of street, near the tennis court. I predicted if you go up to my house, it should be 500 hundred meters with 45 degree lift up. I eat that 4 times with go up and go down a day. hahaha. That’s why my feet looks like Tukang Becak or Kaki Kuda. This picture represents how goddammit I eat mountain everyday. πŸ˜€

Well, I’m happy in here. I’ve got so many new friends from Aceh, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Surabaya and Malang. Imagine, if thereΒ  is some mixing people talk in conversation, so many accents will be said, even we are separated from many regions but we proud as an Indonesian people. Meanwhile, i didn’t found any friends who has same ideology with me. The ideology that i mean is being technology freak as my previous life. We have a lot of guys from ITS-Informatics but they are not impressed me until now. Most of them were cumlaude and looks-like book-geek I guess and no one impressed me like asking a high-weight-question or discuss about new techno. I did not found friend which is so geek looking a new technology, open Ajax or the newest news from IT. Most of them open facebook and love talk in chat before class begin. My God -_-“

Even I didn’t found friends like that, I still put a respect for them. Being student Pra-Jabatan in PLN and defeated many job-seeker were not easy thing. At least, they have a good IQ and attitude. I still put a respect even they are come from Ahmad Dahlan University , Jogjakarta or Christian Satya Kencana Christian University, Salatiga. My friend, Mahendra, come from UKSK Salatiga have a good talent to be a leader. So I believe, every person here have a great talent by each person. For me, I’m not so good being a leader and not so geek with great position in PLN. I still haven’t interest being a good manager. Technology likes ERP, Ms Exchange, Cisco, Data Center, Oracle are expensive for me. Yet someday, i wanna be an IT Specialist in PLN. That’s my path and I will walk in there. hehehe

Dreaming live happily in here? hahaha just go home. No one live happily in here. As a Student in here, you should wake up in 4 AM and pray together in mosque and we must do sport exercise in the morning. Take a jogging 1,5 kilometers in twice and we, we should singing loudly in the morning. Sleep well enough?, in your dream. We just have 5 hours to sleep at max. Fortunately we wake up in Semarang, if you dare to wake up in Situlembang, no one can stand up with the temperature except Indonesian army. Hahaha.

That’s enough guys. I have to sleep rite now. πŸ˜€


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