Thank You :)

i’ve done the best what i can though i really dont know which path that God chosen. Am i not trying hard enough? God, till now, i really don’t send you any complaints. You’ve failed me in Mandiri, Unilever and Kraft then i’m ok. On that accidents, i still believe you will choose the best way that i should take.

Really, i feel guilty to my Mom. My mom was crying when i called her at that announcement of the test. I know, my Mom’ve done enough and tried the best to support me. Encourage me when i got fall in Mandiri and Unilever. On this afternoon, my Mom hug me, and whisper me, everything will be okay. T.T

God, I still believe till now, You will make my way easier than now. I still believe You will choose the best way for me to get my dream. I keep my mind on positive, i believe on You. Thank you for whatever that You gives to me. 🙂


2 responses to “Thank You :)

  1. and sure He’ll give you. He’s just need to see how far you can be patient, then he’ll give the sweetest one

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